What is Home Staging & how will staging help sell my house?

Don’t take it personally! Staging is about depersonalizing your home! While designing and furnishing your home was about you and your personal lifestyle, the marketing and selling of your house is about preparing your house to appeal to the greatest number of buyers.

 Lights, Camera, Action…Staging a house for sale can give you the edge in the competitive market. Over 40% of houses sold last year were first viewed by the buyers on the Internet. Staged homes sell faster and for more money. On a national average, staged homes sell in 29 days or less versus 145 days for an un-staged home.

As a professional home stager Bunny finds creative ways to promote your home in the real estate marketplace. She is both skilled, and practiced in the art of preparing homes for resale. A staged home will make a notable first impression on potential home buyers when they walk through the door, because your home will sparkle and show like a model home! 

Why is Home Staging worth it?

​While agents are experts in the field of selling and closing on homes, many are not design savvy.  Agents usually know exactly what factors help to sell your home but are typically not skilled on how to get your home ready to sell in a timely fashion without the help of an experienced stager.

U.S. research states that home staging can reduce a listing’s time on the market by one third, to half and can fetch as much as 6% to 20% more than an empty home or a home not properly staged.    (Wikipedia) 

Staging is far less expensive than a price reduction. Reducing the selling price of a house usually averages between 5% and 10% off the original price. While home staging cost vary with each home, almost every house can benefit from a two hour consultation.

Bunny will do a thorough walk through assessment of your property to determine the best way to prepare your house for a quick sale, and top dollar. On completion of  her walk through she will give you her recommendations and you will have the option to do the staging yourself or proceed with Bunny’s professional staging services at ($100/hr.)

Real Estate Staging & Services & Pricin

Skype or Face Time Staging 

30 minutes or less $100.00 

45 minutes $200.00

1 hour  $300.00

More than one hour is then billed by 30 minutes at $100.00 

In Home Staging requires a complete house consultation  

Consultations include whole house with recomendations)

For more information you can call Bunny at (904) 716-5394 or email her at bunnyleach@me.com 

Walk and Talk Consultations-  One hour

(1000)  sq.ft or less $200 ~ (1,001 – 2,000) $500 ~ (2,001 to 2500) sq.ft $525 (2,501 – 3,000) $600 ~ (3,001 – 3,500 sq.ft) $700 ~ (3,501- 4,500 sq.ft) $750 ~ (4,501 – 5,500 sq ft) $800

Bunny’s Walk and Talk Consultation is a verbal consultation in which the stager gives advice to the home owner/and or listing agent (they take notes) to get the home into market ready condition. It may include cosmetic fixes, painting advice, furniture placement, and actual staging advice. The homeowner or agent may then choose to do the work themselves and hire Bunny to do a portion of the work, or hire her to do everything. After the walk through Bunny will provide you with a complete staging report. You can elect to stage your house yourself following her staging report or she will do the hands on staging at the pricing below. If you elect to stage your home yourself Bunny requires a come back visit after you have completed her recommendations to put the final touches on before the house is listed. 

Return Visit to be paid up front Required – $100.00 


HANDS ON STAGING – $200.00 hr. 


DECORATING – $100.00 hr.

SHOPPING – $100.00 hr.

COLOUR SCHEME – Paint colors, Flooring, Lighting, and accessories – $500.00 consultation

Bunny’s ultimate goal in staging your house is to assist you so that your house will sell in a timely fashion, and for top dollar!

If your home is lacking that “Wow” factor needed to entice buyers, Bunny will make suggestions for accessories and artwork that will bring your house to a showing level.

If your home requires furniture to be rented, Bunny will be able to provide you with an estimate, and will source out all rental furniture, accessories and artwork that will best enhance your property.

​Staging represents the hands-on process of preparing your home for showing.​